Disinfectant & Hygiene

Orotol® plus Disinfection of suction Systems

Orotol® plus from Dürr System-Hygiene is a highly effective concentrate for the simultaneous disinfection, deodorization, cleaning and care of all dental suction systems.

Durr ID 213 Instrument Disinfection

ID 213 from Dürr System Hygiene is a highly effective, aldehyde-free concentrate for cleaning and disinfection of general and surgical instruments

Durr MD 555 Special Cleaner for Suction Units

MD 555 dissolves incrustations of lime and powder spray agents. Has intensive effect against deposits and sludge.

Durr Dental OroCup Care System

OroCup is a user-friendly, closed care system for the disinfection and cleaning of suction units and amalgam separators

Dürr ID 215 Enzymatic Instrument Cleaner

ID 215 is a concentrate for manual, enzymatic cleaning of general and surgical instrument sets in hospitals, private practices and laboratories

Protect+ Hard Surface Disinfectant Wipes

Protect+ Hard Surface Disinfectant wipes. Quick drying and streak free, suitable for use on all hard clinical surfaces.

Sanit amin detergent and disinfectant agent

Sanit amin detergent and Disinfectant agent . Is applied for cleaning and disinfecting ( pre-sterilization cleaning ) of medical devices