BracePaste® Adhesive

BracePaste® is a medium viscosity, light-curable adhesive that provides optimum bonding of metal and ceramic brackets

American Orthodontics Brackets

AO Mini Master Series Roth / MBT Brackets Kit.

Self-ligating bracket

A dental brace, which generally utilizes a permanently installed, moveable component to entrap the archwire".

Buccal Tubes

Totally spherical hook that provides better comfort for the patient and excellent accommodation of the elastics.

NiTi Arch Wire

Manufactured using premium Japanese NiTi material, highly resistant to permanent deformation. Thoroughly tested to ensure consistent forces between lots

Power Chain

Produced from a unique and proprietary blend of thermoset polymers ┬Ě Retains up to 85% of it's original pull strength even after 6 weeks of engagement.

Ligature Ties

Small rubber bands placed around each bracket to hold the archwire in place. Available in various sizes and colours

Lingual Buttons

Lingual buttons are a critical component of orthodontic treatment for patients whose rotational movements of the teeth must be accelerated or whose bite must be uncrossed