ONEshade Universal Composite Syringe 5g

ONEshade is a universal composite that esthetically matches every filling with a single shade. Its wide colour-matching ability eliminates the shade-taking procedure.


Composite material of an exceptional nano hybrid structure predominated by nano fillers. Technologically complicated dispersion of a large amount of nanoparticles has been achieved. OliREVO provides above-average mechanical properties as well as convenient consistency and ease of polishing.

OliBULK Fill

Light-curing composite material for direct fillings in permanent and deciduous posterior teeth using the Bulk Fill technique. Thanks to the optimal ratio of flowability to elasticity, it is quick and convenient to apply and shape.

GC Fuji 9 Gold Label Glass Ionomer Cement

Explore the Fuji IX Cement. Perfect for dental fillings and luting cements, it bonds chemically to dental hard tissues and releases fluoride.

3M ESPE Ketac Molar GIC / Glass Ionomer Filling Material

Ketac Molar is a Glass Ionomer Filling Cement used to restore teeth. It is a white, putty-like material that is placed in the tooth cavity and then light-cured

Perfection Plus Reinforced Zinc Oxide Eugenol

The Zinc Oxide Eugenol by Perfection Plus can also be used as a temporary restorative material. It has excellent strength to withstand mastication forces.

Temporary Cavity Filling Material - Perfection Plus

Ready to use, radiopaque, single paste with excellent marginal adaptation.