Oral Health

Carebrush® supersoft

Toothbrush with silky-soft micro bristles. Silky-soft bristles for hypersensitive teeth necks and irritated gums (e.g. in periodontitis) and for dental care ...

Carebrush® white

Carebrush® white · Brush head with special rubber lamellas cleans thoroughly, while also having a natural tooth whitening effect.

Carebrush® Ortho

Carebrush® Ortho, For the cleaning of brackets and other orthodontic works · V-shaped bristle field for an effective cleaning of brackets

Kid's Toothbrush

Smart toothbrushes motivate! The "upper body" of the Kid's Brush is a hinged protective cover. Optimal air circulation is ensured by the opening in the protective cover.

Mirafluor® Kids

Toothpaste for children (0-6 years). Cleans milk teeth and gums; Tooth decay protection with fluoride and Xylitol.

Mirawhite® gelée

Intensive cleaning for shiny white teeth. Immediate illuminating effect; Restores natural tooth whiteness.

Mirasensitive hap+

Intensive care for the preservation of sensitive teeth.Sealing of open tubuli.Builds up biomimetic enamel due to 30 % hydroxyapatite.Calms the tooth nerve due to potassium ions.

OXYSAFE® Professional Mouthwash

It is used in the treatment of gingivitis, periodontitis and peri-implantitis. Rapid disinfection and healing. Without antibiotics and CHX.

Oxysafe® Active +F

Mouthwash with active oxygen for extensive care of teeth and gingiva. Contains sodium fluoride [450ppm].

Mouthwash Tablets

Mouthwash Tablets are dissolved in water to produce a gargle and rinse solution to use during and after dental treatment to remove debris.


Mirafloss® · For specially thorough cleaning of interdental spaces · Extremely tear-proof, will not fray · Tape not waxed, but consisting of PTFE, glides perfectly through even the narrowest interdental spaces

Tong-Clean De Luxe

Tongue cleaner with dual function in one instrument :Bristle field with short, rounded bristles lifts off tongue coatings and tongue scraper removes the loosened coatings subsequently.